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29 11 2007

I gave in. It was a good run, but I suppose it had to end sometime, right? I used to blog a lot – or by blog I mean, I used to read everyone else’s and write a new post only when somebody complained that I hadn’t written in 4 months or something like that. So here’s to trying again…’cause all the cool kids are doing it anyways!

I work at a church in Atlanta doing scenic design and lighting. One of the things I love with design, is that inspiration can come from anywhere. When creativity is put in the mix, everything begins to have other uses. A guy I once knew said (I actually still know him, I just really wanted to write that…) that you can do things cheap, fast, and quality, but you can only pick two. You can do things cheap and fast and it will suck, fast and quality but it will be expesive, or cheap and quality and it will take you a long time. It’s been amazing to think through that when I am designing and to see the insane places that I get inspiration to do what I do.

I would love for this to turn into a community that can inspire each other, push each other, and maybe just help each other out. I’ll post pictures from time to time of stuff that we are doing and a bit on how we did them if you would like to know, but I would love to see stuff others are doing too. The thing about creativity is that you can never lose that wonder, that curiosity, that riskiness to do something everybody thinks is crazy. I can’t wait to see how this develops and hopefully we can push each other to bigger and better things as we support creativity.



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29 11 2007

Welcome back then i guess. I am excited about reading your blog. Let me know when you want me to add you to my blog.

29 11 2007

oooo, i’ll be the first to comment, Nice quote. That guy must have been really cool and smart…..or he heard somebody else that was cool and smart 😉

27 12 2007
Technical Creativity

[…] Read it here while it’s still fresh […]

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