Christmas Time is Here

20 12 2007

I can’t believe that it has been nearly three weeks since my last post. The Christmas season always seems to fly by like that. Things are going well on all fronts. I need to post some pictures of the new set…well when I say new, I mean that has been up since thanksgiving, but we added a little extra something for this week. Actually, it’s a lot of something extra.  Anyways, this week we are doing a version of Little Drummer Boy. It’s a really cool version complete with a dueling drum solo, so you can imagine the programming had to be intense. I think I literally tripled my previous high for amount of cues in one song. It should be a really fun way to start out a service. We are also doing like 8 Christmas/worship tunes — I think we are all excited to be apart of this service and trying to be really intentional not to let Christmas pass us by without it’s weight sinking in. Anyone else doing anything cool? Oh yeah, and check out Carlos’s blog to see Buckhead’s version of Little Drummer Boy. Right on Jared.



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