Wonder and Stone Mountain

8 01 2008

I went with my friends Anna and Sarah to A Stone Mountain Christmas a couple weeks before christmas, and I have been meaning to blog about it ever since…not sure what happened there, but anyways.

We had a great time walking around the little town that they have created around the train station. I’ve never really been a big fan of the laser show after I saw it…hmmm…the first time…but they really did a great job with creating an environment that was inviting with lots of different stuff to do. They obviously had the laser show (which was funny cause I probably spent more time looking at how they had rigged all their High End Studio Spots than the actual laser show, but fun nonetheless), but they had a fire pit where people could make smores, Polar Express 4D, the huge Coke tree (which was cool because they had a bunch of little trees around it where people could write their “christmas wish” on a tag and hang as ornaments) and the train, which was incredibly cold, but everyone was singing christmas carols and they even had someone tell the story of Luke 2…definitely interesting for a state park.

Anyways, that brings me to the whole point of this…the whole night was building up to the “Snow Fairy” coming out near the end of the night. It seemed like everyone gathered in the center of the town to wait expectantly for the snow fairy to make her appearance. There was triumphant (dare I say whimsical, LT) music, and moving lights everywhere as she appeared at the top of a building and proclaimed (through a overdramatic voiceover) that we were the spirit of christmas and as we looked to the sky, the snow machines kicked on and it began “snowing” all over the town and I must admit looked pretty cool with all the moving lights.

After we got done making fun of the whole thing, because let’s face it…it was a little lame for three twentysomethings…I started to wonder what it would take to make the wonder of the moment return for us? The truth of the matter is that a couple thousand people where at one moment pulled in and engaged. And as I looked around, all these people had one thing in common that we did not…kids.

There is something completely energizing that happens in our hearts when we see people we love take something in for the first time. It’s part of the reason that I love design so much. I get to create things that are hopefully unexpected, fresh, and awe-inspiring and hopefully offer a small glimpse of the creativity of our Saviour. We see that awe when we look at enormous mountains, or endless skies, billions of stars, the rush of the winds, or think that white light actually contains all colors and those colors are seen by our eyes and are translated into feelings and moods. Yet, as time goes on in our journey, that awe and wonder seems to move like a roller coaster through our lives as those experiences blend into the background only to momentarily take the foreground and blend back in. 

And so here we are…back at the snow fairy — well sorta. Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said that we should have the faith of children. Taking in each day, Him in full view, never losing wonder. I love that I am apart of a church that puts so much focus on the unchurched because as we see the life of Jesus breathed into the lungs of our friends and those we have been investing in, we are then energized and reminded of the wonder that exists in Jesus.  




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