24 01 2008

Everyone has their gifting. That thing that they are good at. That thing that they can always fall back on when things get rough. I think mine is in creating environments that hopefully open up people’s imaginations, inject energy, pull people in while at the same time stripping away distractions so that nothing stands between them and God speaking clearly into their lives. I’m good at big picture and I love that it is such a big part of my job.

Everyone has the bane of their existence. For me that is organization and detail-oriented planning. Unfortunately, this is also a huge part of my job. It is a long hard road towards finding success in the areas that honestly, at times, you hate to do…and I probably do more kicking and screaming than I need to. It is something that I am constantly working on, and hopefully improving in. Aside from people kindly reminding me that I need to get better in this area (which I really love by the way, I’m always looking for areas that I can improve), a little book went a long way in forcing this principle into my life. It’s called Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. It only takes about 20 minutes to read and is an amazing book to open up your mind and spark your creativity. But, I realized when I read it that while everyone was focusing on the super-creative, find what you love, kind of things, I was drawn to the part of the book at focuses on the “lonely work”. I put absolutely no value in it whatsoever before taking my job. In school I was always that guy who would put everything off to the last minute and get A’s on all my papers. I actually convinced myself that I was better under pressure – which I probably am, but I convinced myself that I was likewise worse when given too much time. Slowly that has manifested itself into all parts of my life. I found myself say “I don’t really know what I want to do for that set, but I think it will come to me when it gets closer.” How absurd! All that did was piss off co-workers because they had no idea what was in my head and that came across as I don’t know what I am doing. Planning is an essential aspect of our work as designers. It opens up our work to let others buy-in and help out instead of us feeling like we have to do everything ourselves. I suck at this, but I am improving. This past couple weeks, I have actually felt some level of victory or success in this area, so here is me celebrating that, but it’s a constant battle. If we learn how to improve in the lonely work, we will see that complement our giftings in such a huge way that our giftings can actually shine more brightly than when they were all we focused on.

What are your gifts/banes?




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25 01 2008


28 01 2008

i think i might be gifted for friendliness and things of that sort…spiritual friendliness. ha. unfortunately, the bane of that is poor initiation and follow-through. really a pretty “unfortunate” mix, i’d say…..thankfully, like disorganization, it can be improved!

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