January Set

6 02 2008

Ok, sorry I’m lame and still can’t find the charger for my camera, but I found out today that our production director, Chris, had a couple – so here you go.

This set was up for all of January (a one-off vision cast message by Lanes Jones, our campus pastor, a missions talk by Andy and a 2 parter called Just Ask) and we took it down on Sunday afternoon. ****Side note, if you have volunteers – USE THEM – we are always reminding ourselves that they are our most untapped resource and they helped us strike our entire set and put in place the infrastructe for our current one in under two hours!**** This set was made up entirely of the IKEA LED strands that we used for Christmas. They were a seasonal item, so we bought them out! Not kidding, I called, found out when they were getting a shipment, and sent a friend to buy every single one – which amounted to about 50 strands. One of the things I really liked about these was that they had a cool-white, glow, but they also took light extremely well when off. I found myself using them off more than on, but that sorta gave the lights more punch when they did come on.

(Warning: Technical Stuff)
They were lit from the side by 4 Mac 250 washes with wide angle lenses and 4 Coemar Parlites to add a little bit of demension. I had them tied into my dimmers, so they were completely dimmable, but there were usually two per dimmer because I had to use an edison to stagepin adapter for each set.

Whew…that’s over, sorry about that. Maybe it is the designer in me that is constantly craving change, but I was glad to get to the end of this set. I really liked how different this set was for us. It was consistent in the backdrop, but yet not systematic at all. The strands looked great it camera shots and we were able to do some pretty cool camera work with them as well. It had a great wintery feel to it, which was great because of the number of topics we squeezed into the month. As I’ve said before, we are a video church with a rear-projection, full-proscenium screen, so to get around that we stayed outside of the Hi-def lines and connected a couple strands to the middle of the set to fill it out. In all, I really like this set, but as usually for me I’m ready for that next thing. I can’t wait to let you see what we are building right now! Set builds both give and take energy from me…is that possible?

Check out some pics and comment it up!





4 responses

7 02 2008
joe wiggleston

Hey man–this is great stuff. I love that you guys use IKEA for lighting design elements when necessary; that is the heart of the artist! My good buddy Josh Bayne sent me here a while back and I’ve been digging the creativity around your b-log and seeing what you guys are doing at “the BBCC”. Those LED’s must have looked great on camera. Keep it coming man.

7 02 2008
Ryan Fitzgerald {Catalyst SPD}

hey man, thanks for this!

btw… we ordered a big box of those cord locks… thanks for the tip!

7 02 2008
Anna Martin

i tried to buy those strands for InsideOut, but they were sold out!! now I know why….

12 07 2008
Aaron Newberry

I looked on the IKEA website, all I can find in the LED’s is floral designs and such. I’d love to get my hands on some of these, any ideas?
– Aaron

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