Let Levi Ride.

17 02 2008


I realize that probably none of you care about this, but I thought I’d post it anyway.  Lance Armstrong’s team from ’98-2005, Discovery Channel (formerly US Postal) folded at the end of last year because they were unable to find adequate sponsorship despite winning the Tour de France again and having riders place 1st and 3rd overall. The riders have pretty much all joined other teams, but Johan Bruyneel (Discovery’s Director) as well as Alberto Contador (Spain) and Levi Leipheimer (USA) joined the Kazakh team Astana, who was kicked out of the tour for doping last year. This team is radically different than last year’s – none of it’s riders have ever tested positive for doping, they spend more money than anyone on anti-doping measures, and just became the only Trek Pro sponsored team on the tour after Discovery folded. 

Anyway, all that’s to say that last week, on the 13th, the Tour de France ruled that Astana would be barred from competing this year even though this team has no connection with the team of last year. Contador will not be able to defend his title and Levi, who is possibly America’s best shot, will not be allowed in either. 

Trek is holding a petition – all you have to do is type in your email address on the trek home site and hopefully we can save this team from being kicked out unfairly. 

PS. Although I really like several of the guys on Astana and will be rooting them on, I really hope the new US team Slipstream will be able to get an at-large bid to the tour this year.  Sorry if that was really boring, I have just been loving some cycling lately. 




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