I’m Back

4 04 2008

Hello Blogworld! I’m back and I can’t apologize enough for my absence! Things have been crazy in my world with 3 or 4 rather large projects going on at one time. We just finished setbuild week at the Double B and I am so freakin excited about this set. I am waiting till I get a couple quality pics before I blog about it, but it’s done. This one was definitely one of the hardest sets to 1. plan for, 2. get all the materials for, and 3. build, but we did it, and on time! One thing that definitely helped was pushing out lighting week to next week, so we did not change the movers setup (it works fine) and it provided us much more margin because honestly, we would still be building on Sunday if we had tried to do lighting this week as well. Have you missed me?

Anything Going on in your world?





3 responses

4 04 2008
josh bayne

i forgive you; just don’t do it again


4 04 2008
Darin (strategic partner set designer)

Can’t wait to see it.

5 04 2008

beeeeej- hey jeans boy! tjmaxx across from b’head has lots of new 7 for all mankind jeans…even in the girls- A-pockets even! I just linked you to my blog too! woo- hoo!!!

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