Everyone’s a critic

14 04 2008

I promise I am not going into blog-hibernation again…but I do have a question I would love for anyone and everyone to chime in on. 

I went to Passion this past weekend, and absolutely loved it…amazing time to worship corporately and refocus my mind on the cross. Here’s the question: Is it impossible once we enter production-world to go to an event and not critique every little bit of it?

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14 04 2008

I think the answer is yes, it is impossible.
I do the same thing…and unfortunately it CAN be distracting, it even hard to overcome. Its certainly something that has to be curbed….

14 04 2008

Definitely hard to deal with. I can’t even watch movies sometimes because i can pick out lighting changes in the current scenes. But I think it’s all about perspective. Once you involve yourself in production as a profession, you can’t help but let other productions effect you in that way. But I think God still uses it to change you.

Think about this……a gourmet chef has to eat somebody else’s cooking. A florist has to go to a wedding and see somebody else’s flowers. A musician hears somebody else’s song. Each of these experiences makes an impression and that is what makes us appreciate excellence. It also shows us what’s different about each other.

I surely don’t have this discipline down, but I try to remember why I’m there. If it’s worship, then focus on God. If it’s a concert, enjoy the good stuff. If it’s a movie, enjoy the story.

But when you see something done really really well…..isn’t that compelling? Few times is this accomplished and man it really make me appreciate the excellence.

14 04 2008

Yeah, this can be a real struggle. I go to concerts and conferences and find myself counting light fixtures, and trying to identify the brand of mixing console, projectors, etc.

I find I really have to give myself permission to stop thinking about the details, and just enjoy the production. I’ll admit though, it usually takes me a day or two to reach that point.

Chris makes a great point, it is part of you, and it helps you to experience and appreciate excellence.

16 04 2008

I cannot remember the last production (church conference, church service, concert, movies). I my Fiancée has to get my attention back sometimes even when we go out to dinner b/c I tend to look at their layouts of lighting fixtures, theme, etc.

Our creative/production department will be heading to Drive in three weeks and I am hoping I can prevent some of this from happening. But I enjoy having this problem 99% of the time.

16 04 2008

…and I should really have proof read that one before submitting it…wow. I wish detail to production would show up in my writing skills

16 04 2008
Anna Martin


5 05 2008
alex mclean

I drive my wife NUTS with this – in fact I think I’ve ruined it for her sometimes. I cannot go ANYWHERE without tearing the place apart in my mind, trying to figure out how/why they do what they do, and how well (or not well) it is done. Which begs the question “have these become the ultimate distraction?”. I do engage in some pretty intense times of worship at events like these, corporately, which I believe is healthy. But I often feel closest to God in times of solitude.
Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about it still! It’s just a strange dichotomy.

9 06 2008
Mike Varel

I’d like to chime in as well here – I feel your pain, and agree with everyone.
However, here’s my story – I spent 4.5 years as a TD at a church trying to out-do myself with every video, mix and lighting/stage setup for every service. I loved it, and still love things like Passion and anything that Northpoint does. There’s incredible excellence in it all.
BUT, I go to a college/post college ministry with unbelievable worship with no lighting or visual support. We have some par cans with red and blue gels. The creative in me really doesn’t like it. But once that guitar starts playing, the worshiper in me forgets all about it and the heart of it all is far more amazing than if we flew an LED wall upstage and had 17 intels.
For me, i think I need that simplicity for worship. Then, I can go appreciate a really well done concert or event done by some of you in this post.
I think we grow from everything we see and experience. It’s awesome if we can see a way to do something better, but even cooler if something blows our minds. It’s like God’s saying “just when you thought you’d seen it all…”

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