26 04 2008

Jeans that you are not supposed to wash for six (6) months…really cool or really gross?


Nudie Jeans

check out the gallery before you vote…




6 responses

26 04 2008

Gross. If you are active. Gross if you have a desk job. Just gross.

28 04 2008
Anna Martin

That’s one of the coolest websites I’ve ever seen…

29 04 2008
Brian Korosec

Sorry BJ. I have to go with not just gross… but NASTY. Imagine what will be living in those pieces of denim after 3 weeks yet alone 6 months.

7 05 2008
lynse leanne

i am undecided….if they are made that way than maybe they are ok.

but i think that there would be gross things living in the jeans if i didnt wash them.

still undecided.

21 08 2008
Chad Jarnagin

great idea… jury’s out though… for a while. 🙂

5 11 2008
The Drunken Blogger

Neither cool nor gross – just don’t send a pair to me.

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