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7 09 2008

Ok, so you can all stop freaking out and reminding me to blog now – I’m back, at least for tonight. What have you been doing for the last, oh, 4 months, you ask, that I would be away from blogging for so long. The answer is a lot and not much at the same time. It’s definitely been an interesting blend of busyness and recharge as the summer always is, but things seem more on the busyness curve right now. I have a couple things that I am going to try to blog about over the next week or so – mostly set stuff, but I thought I would catch you up on at least may-early august with this post. At church, we decided to go with a rather simple look for a while – you could call it a palette cleanser of sorts, after all the video and punch sets we did earlier in the year. I basically wanted to do something a little more based on my love of modern interior design, but mix in a more organic element as well, so I designed these asymmetrical panels that I painted a full stage vine/floral on. Here are a couple pics of it in action:

They were basically made of 2x2s with coroplast and muslin as the backing/diffusion. It was a bit of a tedious project, as most of mine seem to be, but overall I think it turned out nicely. It definitely set the stage well for the set that we just put up a couple weeks ago (more on that later).


The other big event that I did earlier this summer was a camp in Panama City called Big Stuf. The theme for the summer was Broadcast, so after a creative meeting with their team and a bunch of other people from our parts I went to the drawing board and came up with 3 or 4 concepts that would work with the theme. From there, Jamie (BS Creative Director) and I sorta hammered out the final design. The idea was for it to be really bright with lots of ¬†saturation and depth. I’ll show some pics first and then explain a bit:

Like I said, we really wanted to have a lot of saturation, so I chose to use (10) Martin Mac 2k Washes and (12) Mac 700 Profile Spots. In addition, we used (93) Chauvet LED Rain 56s, (30) LED Rain 64s, and (52) Chauvet COLORstrip LED bars either on stage or over the audience – a lot of bang for the buck. I had so many fixtures, I completely filled up all 4 universes on the Hog II with Expansion wing that they rented for the summer. The stage had LEDs everywhere – in addition to (13) Samsung 1080p 40″ LCDs on a 40′ truss arch and (12) Samsung 1080p 50″ Plasmas that made up the center plasma wall (Brad Sitton and Brad Weston’s baby).

One of the things that we were really conscious of when designing the room was that we had to engage the whole room and not just create a stage experience (break through the “fourth wall” if you will). We did this by surrounding the screens with truss that was warmed with LEDs so the could turn any color and by hanging (2) 20’x30′ truss rectangles inside the soffets that were covered in spandex material and lit from the inside. We could totally change the whole color of the room from song to song or cue to cue.

It was a huge ordeal to put together in the 3 or 4 days we had to load in for the 10 week camp, but the interns were amazing and it all came together really well. (minus terrible power issues that we ran into – definitely a learning experience for all of us).

So there you go…you are officially caught up to August at least – I will try to post pics of our current set as soon as I get some quality ones.




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12 09 2008
Louis Tagliaboschi

Wow, those are stunning. How do you store things like that, or do you? Is that something that you would share with Buckhead and NorthPoint? Please continue to post things like this. You are doing a great job, and it is very helpful to guys in smaller situations like me.


17 09 2009

I love the boxes you made. Simple looking yet, seems like quite the project to build. I’ve been looking at these photos for months and now have the opportunity to build them. You wouldn’t happen to have drawings or dimensions or any tips/tricks in regards to building them would you?


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