Anatomy of a Set #3

28 10 2008

Please forgive me! This has been sitting in my drafts folder for like 4 weeks!

Alright, here is the current set. I have been playing around with this concept for a while (I am usually juggling about 15 different concepts at a time). We had a ton of 2x4x6 foam blocks left over from our ‘Playing God’ set a year and a half ago, most of which were already carved into this wave form for our ‘Judgement Call’ series last october. Continuing with the wave form factor, we layered the blocks on top of each other to for a sort of massive wave design on the xy axis and a semi-circle on the z. We side lit them with Mac 250 washes with wide lenses, so we got some really cool gradients as each side of the wave took a different color.

The other main element was all of the truss work. We used 8 sticks of 12″ box truss on stage, each with a coemar parlite inside for warming. In front of the proscenium, there were (2) 20′ segments that were raked back and towards the center of the stage and the other (2) 20′ segments made up the “v” truss in the center, which served as a major focal point, but had to fly out of the way so that our projector could project the message. Over the audience we had (3) 12’x12′ truss diamonds with chauvet LED pars inside the truss and spandex in the center. A lot of the punch of the warming came from a product that we had used in the past, but recently found a great distributor for – coroplast. It comes in 4×8 sheets, so we simply scored it on one side every foot and bent it around the truss. Very cool look for really cheap.

Check out some pics – let me know if you have any questions!



8 responses

29 10 2008

Dude, that is pretty sick. I really like those blocks, though the pics dont do justice to the wave you have going. See you in a few days for some Versa fun

11 11 2008

That’s a nice looking set. What do you light your cyc with?

11 11 2008

Well, i DID light my cyc with Chauvet ColorStrips, but they didn’t work for video, so after this set I sold all 40 of them.

18 11 2008

Oh man, all 40? I would have bought some. LEDs are a pain to work use with video.

7 12 2008
Matt Lewis

question…where do you buy your coroplast?

3 09 2010

Love the design! Quick question: what kind of foam blocks were the waves carved out of? and what are you using to secure them to each other (or are you)?

Keep up the great work!

13 10 2010

same question: where did you get the foam from and how did you care the waves. Also, how are tehy are secured. thanks, Candy

16 10 2010

Sorry for the delay! We got the foam from Lifoam Industries in Rome, Ga (they also have plants in Pennsylvania and possibly other locations) and we cut the foam by making templates out of masonite and bought a 4′ bow knife from I clamped a template on each side of the foam blocks and just flowed the template with the bow knife. It really was pretty easy, and if you can go slow, it works great. Check out for all the updates from now on!

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