2 years?!?

23 09 2010

Wow! Has it really been 2.5 years since my last post? That’s pretty ridiculous, but rest assured, there is so much to update you all on! I am working on merging my blog site (this one) and my company portfolio website, and hopefully the result will be worth the wait!

The new address for this will be: http://www.benjaminjamesdesign.com

BIG! Things have happened in my world the past couple of months. First, I got married 3 weeks ago to the love of my life! Danielle and I got married in Peachtree City and went to Cancun (Excellence – Playa Mujeres…would highly recommend it) for our honeymoon!

Second, we moved to Nashville and I took the job as Service Programming Director at a North Point Strategic Partner, Cumberland Church. It has really been a great fit and more inline with my passion and gifts of creating from the 30,000 foot view. I am still designing (although on a smaller scale) as well as managing the production, music and services as a whole. Love it!

I am however still doing a lot of large-scale design for some of my clients, so come back and see some budget designs as well as some high-budget designs. I will be posting some of the work of the past couple of years including: Maximum Impact Simulcast, Passion Conferences, Chick-fil-a LeaderCast, and all of my NPMi work.

Thanks for sticking around!





4 responses

25 09 2010

Congrats! I look forward to your future posts! Reading this entry I realized how similar our stories are. My wife and I were married 3 weeks ago and also went to Excellence Playa Mujueres. I wish you a lifelong and joy-filled marriage.

25 09 2010

Oops, I meant 4 weeks ago.

16 10 2010

Dude, that’s crazy, you must have been there the week before us! Wasn’t it amazing?

17 10 2010

Yes! Loved it.

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