Benjamin James Hunt

I am the Lighting and Scenic Director for a church in North Atlanta.  I love using different elements to point people to the truly Creative One. Any comments or posts made on this site reflect my opinions and are not necessarily the views of Browns Bridge/NPMI or my co-workers or friends.

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17 06 2008

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts through your site. I enjoy catching up on your previous entry’s and now following along. I am the SPD at my church, and was wondering if you had any “beginner’s tips” for stage lighting. We have a total of 8 MAC 250, 14 non movable LED’s. We have been some different things and are finding that some work and some don’t. This weekend in between 1st and 2nd service our lead pastor was like “what the heck are you smokin?” apparently to much movement hitting the audience in the face, keyword distracting. Do you have any design tips you could share with me, some rules to live by, other resources to harvest? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

16 07 2009
Graig Clinton

Hey James,

my name is Graig Clinton. I am a production director for a church in Hattiesburg, MS. Auditorium has been modeled after your main campus in Alpheretta. I am in the process of constructing a set for the opening. I loved the concept behind you foam blocks with the v truss above it. My question is where did you purchase the foam and have it carved?

Thanks for your help. Love your concepts and thoughts with your designs. Thanks so much for inspiring me.

Graig Clinton,
Production Director
First Hattiesburg

4 02 2010
Patrick Neal

I’m a worship director from a suburb of Sacramento. I love the stage design with the large boxes with small boxes inside. The “sort of” mondrian inspired look with the coroplast backs. I would like to know if you have any blueprints that show the dimensions, that you would be willing to share with me. Great designs all.

19 04 2010
Perry Emerick

Hey James, I love your work and the way you go about it. Great stuff! I have a question for you. I am working on a new website for churches, theaters, and production companies to list and sell their used sets, props, printed stuff, and equipment. I was hoping you could check it out and give me some feedback as to whether you think this is a tool that would benefit you and your ministry, and if so, if you have some connections you would spread the word for me.

Go to and check it out. Let me know what you think.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks


27 07 2010
Charlotte Sanchez

I love your work! We are about to redesign our stage and worship center, and your work is seriously inspiring. Do you have any tips for hiring stage designers or having in-house staff to do stage and lighting production? How can our church get to the place you guys are at for production?
Any input would be sooo appreciated.
Thank you!

2 08 2011
jermaine raymond dokothum

hey benjamin was amased by what you do. thank the lord for blessing you with that grace of being creative. i was wondering if you would email some designs cos im put of media in ma church and we gonna start building the church so some ideas and tips would be helpfull
thank you
God bless you

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