Big Stuf 2009

22 10 2010

Head on over to to check out the new post of Big Stuf 2009!


15 10 2010

The first official post is up on! Check out BigStuf 2010!

2 years?!?

23 09 2010

Wow! Has it really been 2.5 years since my last post? That’s pretty ridiculous, but rest assured, there is so much to update you all on! I am working on merging my blog site (this one) and my company portfolio website, and hopefully the result will be worth the wait!

The new address for this will be:

BIG! Things have happened in my world the past couple of months. First, I got married 3 weeks ago to the love of my life! Danielle and I got married in Peachtree City and went to Cancun (Excellence – Playa Mujeres…would highly recommend it) for our honeymoon!

Second, we moved to Nashville and I took the job as Service Programming Director at a North Point Strategic Partner, Cumberland Church. It has really been a great fit and more inline with my passion and gifts of creating from the 30,000 foot view. I am still designing (although on a smaller scale) as well as managing the production, music and services as a whole. Love it!

I am however still doing a lot of large-scale design for some of my clients, so come back and see some budget designs as well as some high-budget designs. I will be posting some of the work of the past couple of years including: Maximum Impact Simulcast, Passion Conferences, Chick-fil-a LeaderCast, and all of my NPMi work.

Thanks for sticking around!


Bike MS

12 09 2008

I’m off to ride the Cox Bike MS 150 tomorrow with my dad. The event is trying to raise $1 million for MS research, and my team (Coca-Cola) is trying for $100,000! It’s a two day event with about 65 miles of riding each day, but I can only do tomorrow since we have church sunday. I hope my quad holds up! I tweaked it a bit while playing softball last night! Pics to come of the current set!


20 05 2008

I am watching a documentary on HBO about an elderly couple, both deaf all their lives, who get cochlear implants. I have no idea what it is called because the info says it is Little Miss Sunshine, but I have found myself drawn deep into the story of these people. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to not be able to hear, but even more so, what it must be like to live your whole life without hearing a sound only to suddenly be able to hear everything. The noise that we put so easily into the background is instantly all in the foreground all at the same time to the point where you can’t distinguish which sound you should be hearing. 

I love what the father says when asked what the voice he hears sounds like – he says “I don’t know, how do I describe what green looks like.” There is absolutely no reference. They go home and test everything out. The light switches, rubbing their hands on the walls, their footsteps, tiptoeing down the hall, power tools, fans, car washes – everything that we take for granted they are immediately in tune with and amazed by.

It is also heart-wrenching, the pain that they go through with the frustration of not progressing quickly in being able to distinguish different noises. They usually revert to taking their receivers off to return to the “normalcy” of no sound rather than get used to the new sensations.

The daughter, who is narrating the story, said something that hit me hard…”As I watch my mother struggle with all these new sounds, I realize that part of learning how to hear must be learning how NOT to hear; how to tune in what’s relevant and tune out what you don’t need or what you just don’t want to hear….In the car, mom had already stuffed her $7,000 tool in the compartment next to her chewing gum.”

I realize that my life for the most part is sensory overload. It’s so loud that it is hard to distinguish what God is trying so patiently to speak into my life, that I often just give up and put His tool in the compartment next to the chewing gum. Then I get frustrated that I cannot hear only to realize that I’ve already discarded the only thing that can repair what is, in my case, a deaf heart, and turn it back on, wondering why I had turned it off in the first place. I am wired to be around people all the time – it gives me energy, but it’s so good for me to realize my need for quiet, to remind me to simplify and quiet the noise in my life. 

What do you do to quiet the noise?

Next Set

20 05 2008

The next set is being built this week, but doesn’t go in until the first week of June. It’s much more simple than the last two have been, but still has loads of saturation, texture and depth. I will probably post more about the process this time around rather than just the final product. 

Cool Gimick…

7 05 2008

Check out how Sony is choosing to advertise their new environmentally friendly attitude.

read more about it here…