7 05 2008

So…my 4runner and I got in a little altercation with a Rav4 today – don’t worry no one was hurt, but it definitely caused a good bit of damage to both of our cars. It’s so frustrating…maybe even more so that when it happened about a year ago. Probably due to how much I LOVE my 4runner, but it should be patched up and in working order in no time. Drive was an amazing time, but it’s so hard to unpack when things like this get in the way…I can’t even think in coherent sentences! Agh…there goes my Tax Rebate check I was looking forward to!


26 04 2008

Jeans that you are not supposed to wash for six (6) months…really cool or really gross?


Nudie Jeans

check out the gallery before you vote…


25 04 2008

I’m in waco for a couple days hanging out with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m excited because we are driving to Austin tonight and all I hear are amazing things. Not to mention that I get to hang out with my friend Lane who I also haven’t seen in forever. It’s been a nice break to get away and breathe for a bit. I got to go to an art class with my friend Anna yesterday. We were just going to talk while she painted, but they had an art critic come in a critique their work – I just think critics as a whole are a funny genre of people. I thought it was funny that he said he stopped painting in HIGH SCHOOL. How can you be a part of art and have no expression in it? Maybe that’s why everything comes out vicious. It was interesting watching the student’s reactions to him. I don’t know, I just thought it was funny. Horray for Austin!

Everyone’s a critic

14 04 2008

I promise I am not going into blog-hibernation again…but I do have a question I would love for anyone and everyone to chime in on. 

I went to Passion this past weekend, and absolutely loved it…amazing time to worship corporately and refocus my mind on the cross. Here’s the question: Is it impossible once we enter production-world to go to an event and not critique every little bit of it?

Comment it up!

Out of gas…

8 04 2008

So, I’m an idiot and decided that it would be a good idea to drive from my house to downtown atlanta and back then repeat the journey all while my gas meter was squarely (or under) E. Well, sure enough, when I was about half a mile from the gas station, my car cut out. Thankfully, I had just left the Living Room (Buckhead’s college group that I help out with) and my friend Ben was amazing and brought me some gas. I won’t be trying that again anytime soon! Thanks for rockin’ Ben!

I’m Back

4 04 2008

Hello Blogworld! I’m back and I can’t apologize enough for my absence! Things have been crazy in my world with 3 or 4 rather large projects going on at one time. We just finished setbuild week at the Double B and I am so freakin excited about this set. I am waiting till I get a couple quality pics before I blog about it, but it’s done. This one was definitely one of the hardest sets to 1. plan for, 2. get all the materials for, and 3. build, but we did it, and on time! One thing that definitely helped was pushing out lighting week to next week, so we did not change the movers setup (it works fine) and it provided us much more margin because honestly, we would still be building on Sunday if we had tried to do lighting this week as well. Have you missed me?

Anything Going on in your world?


New set…

29 03 2008

…coming soon! I have been unbelievably busy, sorry for the lack of posts!